Thursday, January 26, 2006

Recruiting Roulette

As I sit here thinking about our upcoming team meeting that will be held in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks, I realize that interviewing candidates is a lot like gambling in Vegas.

Case in point: As a Talent Scout, it is my job to find the right candidates for our RF engineering group. Once I find those candidates I then present his or her resume to the recruiter. The odds work in my favor if I find a candidate who has great credentials, provides references, and can back up their past experience during the initial phone interview.

But, there is a definitely a risk taken when I pass along his or her resume as well as my recommendation for them moving forward on to the recruiter. Having an understanding of what the recruiter and/or hiring manager is looking for is extremely important. My chances of finding that perfect candidate increase the more I learn the game.

I hope I have the same luck in Vegas.

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The Edge said...

Amanda, the beauty of recruiting techies is that more often than not, they're wonderfully helpful if asked. Even better is when you have several of them as a captive audience.

Just in case you're not already doing this, hold local RF Association meetings at your location. IEEE has several related societies - if you hold them at t-Mobile you'll have your captive audience.

Dennis Smith said...

Amanda - you've been blessed by having your post commented on by the greatness of Steve Levy!

Visit his blog at: