Thursday, January 26, 2006

Recruiting and Approachability ... Hello My Name is Dennis!

My cell phone rings this morning. Hmm... 314 area code. The only person I know in that area code is my wife's uncle (and he never calls). What the heck ... Hello?

Hi Dennis, Scott Ginsberg - I got your email!

Yep, Scott Ginsberg, as in...


I sent Scott an email because he was kind enough to make a comment on my blog. Let's see...I emailed him last night. He called me....this morning!

That's what I call "approachable." Seems to me that Scott truly lives by his "Approachability Philosophy," which he says is characterized by seven areas:

Building Social Capital: your willingness to develop new relationships

What You Say: dynamics of conversation

What You Don't Say: non-verbal behaviors

Keeping It Real: authentic personality

Drop Me A Line: how easily you can be reached

PHYSICAL Availability: openness of personal space

PERSONAL Availability: openness of mind and heart

Is it just me or do these seem like character traits that should be a part of the Recruiter Gene Pool? I think so.

Visit Scott's website. Read Scott's blog.

His post today is absolutely applicable to our recruiting lifestyle.
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