Monday, December 12, 2005

What does Recruiter's Dumping Ground have in common with the Chronicles of Narnia?

.....well, actually, they have nothing in common, but I thought the title sounded great.

Narnia (which I watched this weeked with five 11-year old boys) is a great movie - even if watched from the front row (my neck is still aching). And while I expect somebody associated with the movie might one day be standing at a podium, thanking everybody from C.S. Lewis to the limo driver, I don't think Recruiter's Dumping Ground will have to worry about making last-minute travel arrangements to Vegas.

But that's okay. I just feel honored that one of my cronies actually had enough sympathy to email Jay-Dee and beg our inclusion. By the way, I'm sure I know who you are and promise to drop off the U-Haul full of Christmas presents shortly.

Thanks to Jobster and for pulling this together, and to the Cheeseman for playing the role of creative-thinker.


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