Friday, December 16, 2005

So, where do you want to work? T-Mobile? Google? Orange County Choppers?

This isn't exactly late-breaking news, but interesting nonetheless.

Google (big surprise) comes in at numero "3" out of 60 household names in Harris Interactive's annual Reputation Quotient (RQ) survey. The RQ is an assessment tool that captures perceptions of corporate reputations across industries, among multiple audiences, and is adaptable to countries outside the United States.

Of note - this is the first time in its seven-year history that Google made Harris' poll. And, it was the highest placed tech company.

Who was #1? Johnson & Johnson

And the rest of the top 10:

#2 - The Coca-Cola Company
#3 - Google
#4 - United Parcel Service (UPS)
#5 - 3M Company
#6 - Sony Corporation
#7 - Microsoft Corporation
#8 - General Mills
#9 - FedEx Corporation
#10 - Intel Corporation

What? No automobile companies? Shoes? Cellphones? Motorcycles?

So, where do you want to work? I've got it on good word that Paul Teutul is looking for a personal weight trainer. Interested? Send him an email:



Anonymous said...

Thanks, Dennis, for getting me into the top 10! Who knew?!?!

Dennis Smith said...

Anytime I can be of assistance, you just let me know.