Friday, December 16, 2005

Scattershooting on Friday

Recommends: for College Grads entering workforce....when it comes to Interviewing, practice, practice, practice.

Random Thought: do you remember the old days at job fairs when techies were handing out their resumes on floppy disks? Even better, do you remember when your computer had two 5.25" drives? I've got an old pc sittin' in my garage that still has two 5.25' drives. I upgraded it in '98 and slapped a monstrous 10mb hard drive in that bad-boy. It was a screamer. Or, was that me screaming?

Top of To-Do List: just one more offer letter before I leave today

Wish List: Chronicles of Narnia DVD

Craving: a relaxing Friday night with my family

The Last Word: slingshotsanta

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