Wednesday, December 28, 2005

3 Questions for ... Lee Forsythe: former Navy fighter pilot, MBA grad, and seeker of challenges

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from a job-seeker who had stumbled across my blog. I get a lot of emails from job-seekers, but this email was different. The author was compelling and succinctly addressed his background - his passion - his vision. I couldn't resist - I read the email and dialed his number; we had coffee the next day.

I spent one hour with Lee Forsythe and knew that I wanted this guy on my team. The problem? I was in the process of changing teams. So while I'm settling in to my new digs, I'm giving Lee a crack at the "3 Questions."

Should you read this blog and decide that you too want to share a cup of coffee with this former Navy fighter pilot turned telecom-techie guy (broadband - Wi-Fi - IT), shoot me an email. I won't even charge you for his contact information.

I am, however, partial to the frequent Starbucks Cappuccino (KA-PU-CHEE'-NO).

Lee Forsythe was born and raised in Grove City, PA – a small (pop. 7500) town about an hour north of Pittsburgh. About half-way through college Lee figured out that he was only going to be happy in life by making it challenging; so he decided to become a Navy fighter pilot and operate from floating airports – which he accomplished. Twelve years of service as a Navy officer taught Lee that he was a great leader and manager. So keeping with the “challenging” theme, he decided to leave the military, go back to grad school, and pursue a career in the business world. Lee arrived in the DFW area mid-summer 2004 and began the pursuit.

3 Questions:

1. Describe your most significant accomplishment in 2005?

LEE: Although my resume describes some of my accomplishments, I’d have to say that my most significant accomplishment was proving my worth in a start-up company – going from an unknown quantity to a trusted and respected team member taking on huge responsibilities relative to the size of the company. I was able to make an impact in a very short amount of time.

2. What are your passions in life?

LEE: Call me a geek, but I love researching emerging technologies in the telecom arena. The passion is in attempting to determine how, and which technologies can be turned into business successes. For instance, most of us are able to see the “convergence” of voice, data, and other content starting take place; but which protocols, platforms, software, etc. will come out on top? These are the types of things I want to find out before they happen.

3. Where do you want to be in 5 years?

LEE: I want to be an executive in a company that shares my passion (see above) and makes products that control, move, or utilize the content on converged networks. I love working with people, so it’s a must that I have an opportunity to collaborate; strategy & planning types of roles within marketing, product management, or development activities are where you are likely to find me in five years. Simply put, I love to make stuff happen!

If you'd like to take a spin in Lee's F/A - 18A fighter plane, or, you just want to ask him three more questions, shoot me an email:

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