Thursday, January 01, 2015

Making Sense Out of @Mayhem

Due to work-mayhem, I've taken a sweet lil' 2-month hiatus from my blog.  How apropos that my first micro-post be related to, what else, MAYHEM.

If you are the only person in America who failed to visit the site on January 1st, I applaud your enviable self-control in the face of the best integrated marketing ploy I've seen in the past 16 minutes. Please slide some o' dat self-control my way, eh?

Apparently, the folks who helped create Mayhem are much, much smarter than the rest of us.  I give 'em major kudos for helping put together a marketing campaign that should have been a light-bulb in the mind of thousands of other creative wienies. The only thing they forgot about (apparently) was this question:  What happens of a lot of people show up to our site?  Or, maybe they thought about it but determined that the only bad-publicity is "no publicity." Because they are making the trending rounds on twitter and facebook like nothing I've seen since Kevin Systrom signed in to his Apple App Store control panel on Oct. 6, 2010 and opened up Instagram to the world.  

Okay, it's a stretch to compare Mayhem to Instagram, but this social media swirl seems to be legit. All I can say is, where are all the other geniuses who should be at the table on New Years Day creating something special.  Something that compels people to talk - tweet - and make much a'do about nothing. 

Here's the deal - I tried to order several items on  No success.  Everything was either sold or "coming soon."  Sure, I was frustrated - but I'll keep trying because I'm intrigued by the authenticity in the marketing (reminds me of July 12, 2004 when Woot hit the internet). 

Hmmm...maybe Mayhem will stay on my list of "favorites" longer than +Woot (which was ultimately replaced in my favorites by...Amazon).  

So, let me ask you this?  Need a job?  What kind of positive mayhem can you create to get a recruiter's attention?  Sure, there are limits, but sometimes you just need to get somebody's attention.

What's your #mayhem?

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