Thursday, May 29, 2014

Life is Too Short (talk to people)

If you've known me for at least 24 hours you know that I will talk to just about anybody or anything.  I've even been known to talk to...myself. It's shocking that I landed in recruiting, eh?  But in 1996 I did a career-180 and purposely pursued the recruiting profession. I'm not sure if I found recruiting or if it found me, but I'm glad that one of those scenarios played out because it has fit me well.  Like my well-worn, black New Balance 565's, it's been a perfect fit.

Since I'm regularly in talk-mode, I like having a card that I can pull out of my pocket and foist upon the person that's simply dropped by the store for a gallon of milk.  But after recently taking an extended vacation prior to joining T-Mobile, I've found myself in the position of being card.less.  And while that's never stopped me from sparking up conversation with a stranger, it has recently left me scrambling for something to write on.  So I finally claimed one of my Klout perks and got some free cards from MOO.  

I'm still waiting for them to land on my front porch, so I can't speak to their coolness factor just yet, but I'm already feeling sorry for the unsuspecting people I meet on aisle 3 in Diamond's grocery store in Van Alstyne, TX.  But I am serving 'em notice - if you see me out 'n about, expect to be MOO'd.  And if you've always wanted to MOO, you can click here and get 10% off.  It's a good deal - just sayin.

Have card will travel talk.

See you on aisle 3,


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