Wednesday, February 12, 2014

5 Job Search Tips for 2012 (that's right, 2012)

Yep, that title is from my blog circa, January 2012.  View it in all its glory HERE.

On second thought, don't.  You won't learn anything new, but you might get a chuckle from the list.

I'll save you the click - here's what post looked like:

Here's their list of 5 Job Search Tips for 2012
(to ResumeBear's credit, the "2012 Best-Kept Job Search Tips" came from least we now know who to blame):

1. Apply Early (because we all think it's best to apply "late")

2. Keep up on Company News (ok, we're recovering a bit)
3. Understand A Company’s Hiring Approach (IMO, the best tip so far)
4. Join a Professional Organization (wait, this is a best-kept job tip?)
5. Network Through Social Media (and we round out the top 5 with the obvious...ok, so maybe it wasn't so obvious back in 2012...but, do you remember what year you joined Linkedin?  Yep, that's what I thought).
Mashable offers up a Job Search Series that's bound to offer up a few nuggets.  Maybe we'll revisit them in 2016 to see how they stack up. : ) 
Here's my tip of the day:  Your job-search attitude should mirror that of the competitors we're cheering in Sochi.   
Be Focused. Don't Lose Heart. Be Accountable.  Be Coachable.  Think Big. 
Your career depends on it.

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