Thursday, October 03, 2013

EtO Sterilization Engineer (doing cool things that matter)

When you close your eyes at night, do you still see the term "ISO 11135" on the backs of your eyelids?

Ever spent an evening unraveling D-value calculations...just for kicks?  Or dedicated 2-3 years of your life to mastering the science of EtO sterilization and validations? 

Have you ever demonstrated a SAL of 10-6 ?

That's what I thought.  

If you aren't already one of the 16,000 employees at St. Jude Medical doing incredible things (like developing products that change people's lives)...then maybe you should be (one of us, that is).  

It's simple:  scan - click - apply.  Then start doing cool things that matter. 

But only if you are ready to be our team's EtO guru.   

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