Sunday, May 12, 2013

O Brother(s) Where Art Thou?

I joined my two older brothers on a cross-country trek this past week as we all piled in to the same  vehicle and ventured out to CA to honor our Grandmother at her memorial service (Grandma Ruth - we loved you deeply and miss you already). 

Dan and Dave - it was the highlight of my life to hang out with you guys.  Although it was a quick trip, I enjoyed being crazy with you guys and getting some "real" time to just sit and talk.  I know we won't wait another 30 years before it happens again. 

I love you guys - a younger brother never had it so good. 


*P.S. - VideoAlert:  this video has nothing to do with job search, so don't feel gypped if you waste 60 seconds in search of job-search tips only to see what happens when 3 brothers spend 48 hours packed in to the same vehicle.  

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