Tuesday, June 05, 2012

A Colorful Banana

So here's the thing about websites...they can make you look really good, or, really bad.  We all know this, we just don't give it much thought until we.....well, until we see a really, really, bad site.

This morning my wife was in search of a place to get our dog groomed.  Yep, ol' Cowboy was in dire need of professional help.  A deft Google search put her in touch with a few places that sounded right, but within a click or two she realized things had gone horribly wrong.

Now honestly, I hate to judge a website based on a few misspelled words.  In an effort to cut 'em a little slack, I tried to keep in mind that my wife wasn't searching for a Public Relations professional.  Rather, somebody with the ability to make Cowboy look less BigFoot and more Schnoodle.  There is a difference, ya know:


So anyway, who am I to judge....but I did get a bit confused when I read on their home page:

"We have A/C and heating....
the dogs will have country side view and walking area."  

As in, we (humans) get to enjoy the nice pleasantries of an air-conditioned room.  The dogs, well, they just get the country side view.  Sounds good to me.

Yeah, I know....they really meant to say that the dogs also had a/c and heat, they just didn't state it outright.  No problems with that.  I guess it was the next one that got me.  The part that said,

"With every groom or bath the dog will come home with a
colorful banana."  

say what?????

That's right, a colorful banana.  

Since I noted a picture on the previous page of a dog sporting a bandanna, I was fairly comfortable with the fact that they meant to say bandanna.  But I did crack a smile thinking about the song  -

While we had a good chuckle, I'm sad to say that Cowboy still sits at home looking like Bigfoot:  desperate for a hot bath, a close shave, and a colorful banana.  When I called the dog groomers, asking if they knew how to make him look less like Bigfoot and more like Schnoodle, they said,

"No, but if you hum a few bars, maybe I can fake it." 

So....why can't they be that funny on their website?  More humor....less bananas.


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