Monday, January 03, 2011

Delete 2010

First day back at work - and it feels strangely....nice.  I'm ready to get crankin' and I look forward to "what's next" for our team at SJM. 

If you are interested in getting regular updates from smart HR and Recruiting folks this year, here's a sound bet for you from Matt Charney's recent article:

Monster 11 for 2011: Follow These Top HR and Recruitment Bloggers

Certainly, there's dozens more that could be noted, but hey, you've got to give Matt credit for having the courage to whittle it down to 11 (I noted on Twitter that I'd add @ to the list ~ she promptly replied and said she was on the 2010 list and therefore ineligible for 2011!). : )

One thing on the horizon for our team in 1Q 2011 - a Virtual Job Fair spotlighting our R&D team - very cool.  I'll be back with more details as we confirm the date.  If you are an R&D Engineer in the medical device industry, we'd enjoy meeting you. 

2011 - ready or not, here we come.


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