Thursday, September 02, 2010

The Hard Work of Recruiting: 3 Strategies for Fighting Recruiting Mediocrity

This is my presentation from the recent Talent Net Live Social Media Recruiting Conference (btw, the conference was incredible and standing-room only).  Big thanks to Fishdogs for pulling off the best conference I've been too in a long time.

As I noted in a previous post (Are you a P90X Recruiter?), I'm leery of recruiters who barely know the fundamentals of recruiting yet make it their daily task to conquer the recruiting world via social media tools.  So my presentation focused on doing the "small things" of recruiting (consistently) because they are the things that define who we are.

Another way to look at it is... 

"What kind of recruiter are you when nobody's looking?"

Do you cut corners and hope that your volume makes up for quality?

Newsflash: you are only fooling yourself if you think the Just.Good.Enough mentality is good enough.

It's not.

Think about it this much better could you be (as a Recruiter) if you stopped cutting corners – stopped making excuses - and really tried?

I am more concerned that you become a Recruiter who perfects the small things of recruiting, rather than a Recruiter who perfects his Social Media skills.

But hey, I'd be thrilled if you mastered both.  

Do Hard Things,


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