Monday, July 19, 2010

What's in the trash can at the Fitness Center?

I've decided to start a daily post called,

"What's in the trash can at the Fitness Center?"

I know...riveting, right?  Well, honestly, I've been fairly amused at what I find in the trash can at the fitness center where I exercise.  Mostly because it's always filled with some type of food item (and nothing that's close to what I'd call a "healthy snack").  Now, granted, I probably need to get a life, but I can't help it - this is just the way my whacked-out brain works.

By the way, this trash can sits just outside the locker room doors, so the snack-bandit is either working their way through this snack before they work out, or afterward.

I'm tempted to set up 24x7 surveillance, but for now, the post-snack photo is all we've got.

Here's today's Fitness Center trash can delight - yep, a Snicker bar.

Bon Appetit, Snack-Bandit.


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