Friday, February 12, 2010

Recruiting Pet Peeves

Great post and compilation of recruiting advice by Jeff Lipshultz.

Jeff recently polled the recruiter community to find out their top "pet peeves" about working with candidates.

Want to make sure you are a "stand-out" candidate? Here's the first three pet peeves noted in the article:

1. Poor Communication (submitted by @headhunterbrian)

2. Applying for the wrong positions (submitted by @DennisSmith -
um...that's me)

3. Not being upfront and honest (submitted by steve_sakamoto, @Hintons
and @DavidGraziano).

Check out the remaining "pet peeves" and read the complete article, HERE!

In the context of a job search, it might be wise to check out their advice and ensure you stay off the "pet peeve list!"

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