Thursday, February 25, 2010

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Data Analyst jobmagic

Data Analyst - St. Jude Medical (Plano, TX)

You love data. You collect it - evaluate it - and perform complex analyses related to ad-hoc requests and ongoing activities. In fact, there's nothing you love more than developing new programs, tools, methodologies and files for analyzing and presenting data (then using that data to understand risks and drive decisions).

You are the Data King. And you're in heaven when you're in process of determining root cause analysis and then have the chance to create an incredible report (PPT) and deliver a compelling presentation. Yes, life is good.

It's even better when you are knee-deep in information systems and data files where you are analyzing file structures, using and creating file layouts, and transforming raw data in to finished products. You're smiling aren't you? It's hard not to smile when you know we're describing you perfectly.

We even know that you're filled with the drive and initiative that allows you to take ownership of projects and stand accountable for results. In fact, you don't want it any other way. For the past 5 years your work in 'data analysis' has been rewarded time and time again. And now you are ready to take your successes and your deep strength in Engineering/Math/Statistics, and join forces with a company that will appreciate and reward your genius.

We're ready for you. Are you ready to go neuro?


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