Friday, December 11, 2009

Kris Dunn - Top 100 Influencer

Wouldn't be fair to expound on something so well written. Sumser's article about Kris Dunn is a nice way to round out 2009 - I've been waiting to see how long it took Dunn to hit the list. It wasn't a long wait.

Simply put, Kris Dunn is not your average JoeHR (no offense to Joe). I follow him. Like him. Learn from him. Laugh with him. And, I have been positively influenced by him because he wittingly and humorously influences recruiting and HR behavior. For the better.

When it comes to HR pros that I respect, Kris is one and Dunn (that was such a JoeHR statement - dang).

No doubt, the anti-HR puke, Kris Dunn, is an a HR RecruitingBrain.

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