Monday, August 31, 2009

The Guerrilla Guy is a Recruiting Brain

I can get on the phone with David Perry and learn more in less than 3 minutes than I can with most any other recruiter. I don't say that lightly...I have a lot of recruiting friends.

Since it doesn't take me long to learn from David, I'll honor him here with a "recruiting brains" award by tootin' his horn in less time than it takes me to get my kids through the drive-through at Wendy's (yes, that's 2 small vanilla frosty's and 3 medium chocolate).

In 2008, I had the privilege of sitting through David Perry and Kevin Donlin's 10-week "live" Guerrilla Job Search Bootcamp. Hands-down, it was the best job-search material I'd ever seen - heard - read. I was blown away with David's wisdom and his ability to clearly communicate exactly what job hunters need to know to get a job --- fast.

There's a reason David's known as the rogue recruiter, and in the bootcamp, he basically taught the same principles that have made him one of the most successful recruiters in the world (fact is, in 22 years, David's completed 991 searches for jobs paying roughly $170 million in salaries - not too shabby).

Simply put, David Perry is a recruiting brain. And, on the flip side, the most recent version of his book, Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 2.0 is a no-brainer. Get it fast. Put it to practice. And get ready to have more fun than you ever thought possible in job search.


Anonymous said...

It is not possible for him to have placed the amount of salary quoted. At the retained search level, he would receive 1/3 of the salary plus bonus in commission. If just use the salary listed of 170 million, his commission would be more 50 million dollars. Dennis, use a pencil.

David Perry said...

Sure is. Especially given the way i bill. I wasn'talways a retained 35% recruiter. When I started I did contingency work and even charged by the hour.
- David Perry
BTW Anonymous have some balls next time and use your real name. It may add to your credibility. Doubt it.. but anythings possible!
PS. It's actually $174 million now.