Thursday, April 09, 2009

Kelly Dingee - RecruitingBrain

intelligence is easy to find at Fistful of Talent - today I spotted some low-flying intel via Kelly Dingee, Technical Writer/Sourcing Researcher for AIRS.

Kelly's article, Build It and They Will Come: TwitterJobSearch, ponders the question: "Is TwitterJobSearch the new "IT" site?"

While not everything that's "free" is worth the trouble, I'm siding with Kelly - "maybe." And my maybe is based on the fact that, as a recruiter, you've got the ability to post your jobs for free and have them indexed by TwitterJobSearch (and it really is simple).

This pic is tough to read, but it show you how simple it is to tweet your job and have it show up on TwitterJobSearch:

Just tweet your job - keep it to less than 120 characters (save room for retweets), include key information and a link to the job posting. Pretty simple.

Kelly's main question is this: "Does TwitterJobSearch have the attention of JobSeekers?"

I'd have to say "no." The been a lot of twitter talk lately, but the average person is still pretty Twueless (that's "clueless about twitter") not to mention the fact that there's even a lot of recruiters who had no idea that TJS existed. If that's the case, then TJS is probably behind the curve in terms of what they are doing to drive jobseekers to their site.

However, I think the recent stat's that allude to Twitter's metoric growth will help take care of some of that. I mean, wow, they are all over the stinkin' internet. Check out the results on Google with just a simple search on the word "Twitter:" 324 million results. How 'bout a quick search on "twitter" using Google's "news" tab: 57k (and that's just for the last hour!). For cryin' out loud, there's an article posted less than 1 hour ago about a car wash that's embracing Twitter! Say what?!

Thanks Kelly, for pointing the recruiting community to TJS! Now, if enough recruiters will ask the same questions, maybe the good folks at TwitterJobSearch will not only keep up the good work, but also tell us what they are doing to drive the attention of the jobseeker!

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