Sunday, March 08, 2009

Is the Wireless Industry Collapsing?

Matt Richtel (NYTimes Technology) poses a thought that must be on the minds of those leading our wireless carriers in the U.S:

"With new subs falling in 2008, and predicted to fall in 2009, what's next? Price wars?"
Richtel quotes Industry Analyst Craig Moffett from Sanford C. Bernstein & Company as saying,

"This industry is collapsing...The whole wireless business is grinding to a halt."
Moffett points to the fact that the fourth quarter saw the lowest growth rate ever for the U.S. wireless industry.

It makes sense. But don't you think collapse is a bit....strong? I certainly understand his "grinding to a halt" analogy, which is not too different from many other industries who've come to a screeching halt since last summer.

The word collapse just has a way of conjuring up visuals of wireless executives donning sandwich boards and standing on street corners.

Actually (scratching head....), I suppose that doesn't sound so crazy after all.

*read Richtel's full story, HERE

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