Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back to Basics for me and my family

I've never been an Allstate customer. But I saw this video a few weeks back and then again this morning, and it made me feel different about Allstate. In a good way. I guess I should give kudos to their ad agency, eh?

Anyway, I like it because I can relate to it - they strike a chord with me where I am "today."

Exactly where I am today.  

I reread all the bad news about layoffs HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE. Then I contemplate my own job search, and it's difficult to get my head around it all.

Whether the economy gets better quickly remains to be seen.  But I shouldn't need an ad to remind me about what's important.  But I'm glad it did.

Back to Basics for me...and my family.

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