Thursday, December 18, 2008

Is your Job Search Roasting on an Open Fire?

Don't let your December job search lose momentum (it just might burn up sitting next to the chestnuts).

I posted earlier in the week, quoting David Perry who said,

"Job-hunters should defy conventional wisdom and intensify their efforts during the holidays."

I agree with Perry, and I think Seth Godin would agree as well. In a post today titled, Set the agenda by showing up first, Godin says, "First competent mover advantage is real."

Whether it's applying for a job, or to college, or pitching your new project to a client, Godin believes the best marketing opportunity belongs to those who show up first.

So, what'cha waiting on?

Anybody can wait until January (and most will). Grab the chance to be noticed as the 'first competent mover.'

It just might land you the best Christmas present ever: a new job in 2009.

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