Friday, October 17, 2008

The Top Ten Tech Companies .. in the world

As reported by Valley Wag, (via SmartCompany) here are the top 10 tech companies as the list now stands:

  1. China Mobile, $US31 billion – the country’s oil and steel firms are investing overseas, and this wireless company has followed suit.
  2. Cisco Systems, $US26.2 billion – Following the company’s acquisition strategy of social network sites, a memo to the company’s M&A team read: “Just because it has the word ‘network’ in it doesn’t mean you have to buy it.”
  3. Microsoft, $US21.2 billion – Although Vista and its marketing campaign with Jerry Seinfeld haven’t proven as popular as expected, the software giant is still doing well.
  4. Apple, $US20.7 billion – Apple has bounced back from its disappointed stake in the 1990s to be the developer of the world’s highest selling mp3 player – the iPod Nano.
  5. Google, $US12.7 billion – The release of the G1 phone powered by Google Android software should see the giant move into mobile phone software development.
  6. Intel, $US12 billion – More investment in chip factories will see this CPU developer continue to grow.
  7. Nokia, $US10.8 billion – The development of touch screen phones may see this developer become a player in the smartphone market.
  8. Dell, $US9 billion – the computer firm is being threatened by HP, and will most likely seek to invest in software.
  9. Motorola, $US7.2 billion – Will need to seek out where its mobile phone sector is going before it makes any huge ground.
  10. Taiwan Semiconductor, $US7 billion – Would be in a good position to acquire processor developer and Intel rival AMD.

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