Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Verizon Wireless Gives Contract the Heisman

....well, sort of.

I've been a fan of the contractless wireless plan ever since, well, ever since I left the carrier biz (hey, it's not an easy thing keeping everybody covered up in minutes when you have a family of seven - having choices would be nice).

And now Verizon Wireless gives customers the opportunity to sign up w/o a contract. Of course, there's a few requirements....bring in your own compatible phone or pay full price for a phone. But listen, I'll pay full price any day rather than be hog-tied to a two-year contract.

C'mon T-Mo...I like the "family allowances" thing you recently rolled out. But I'd love you a lot more if I had a G1 phone and no contract.

See the WSJ article HERE.

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