Thursday, August 21, 2008

You and Your Bling Bling

Americans buying fewer but more expensive handsets

Source: TelecomTV
Author: Martyn Warwick

Given the current state of the US economy, it is hardly surprising to learn that Americans have been buying fewer mobile phones over the past few months. What is strange, given that many retailers and operators are cutting handset prices to tempt consumers to try new models, is that subscribers seem to be spending more on the reduced numbers of handsets that they are buying.

A new report from the NPD Group shows that in Q2 this year 28 million mobile handsets were sold in the US, this is a 13 per cent decline on the same period in 2007. Furthermore, it was the third quarter of successive of year-on-year year decline and thus can be characterised as a full-blown trend rather than just a periodic blip.

Check out Martin's whole blingin' article, HERE.

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