Thursday, August 14, 2008

Chief Customer Solutions Systems Engineer, Mobile Ad-Hoc SDR Defense Networks

If interested in this opportunity, please contact Charles Moore

Rare opportunity for a CTO, VP, or Chef Engineer who is a Subject Matter Expert in developing solutions for next generation defense systems networks focusing on radio access networks using mobile ad-hoc systems and Software Defined Radios. This is working in MANET, C4, and Information Assurance in developing future Battlefield Management Systems. Unique role for the PhD degrred person who not only can lead teams of principal systems engineers in defining and developing new C4ISR defense systems, but can meet the DoD customer, come up with a solution, and then lead the development of the solution.

This position reports directly to the VP of C4 Advanced Systems and requires US citizenship with previous DoD security clearance or ability to gain TS1 and EBI security clearance. Company offers well above average compensation and relocation package with superb benefits.

Define and build network communications systems engineering with heavy emphasis customer interaction on developing solutions in next generation radio access network systems architecture and software defined radios to ensure that next generation command and control defense communications networks take full advantage of mobile ad-hoc networks. Meet directly with DoD customers and research, define systems specifications, and lead engineering teams in developing the defense networks capability to deliver a high QoS. Must be able to scale to support communications and network bandwidth, including stressed and disadvantage networks.

Work with thread prioritization and its impact on applications including safety and mission critical, determination of BMS position on application priorities and resource management (how will application priorities be adjusted for context of mission and current state of battle); consider the use of data-driven policies as an approach to application prioritization.

Determine how applications and SOSCOE will handle listen-only modes transports and other mechanisms. The candidate needs to review alternate technologies such as ECN, ATCP, etc. for congestion mitigation, lost data recovery, relay hop counts, network reorganization and other mobile ad-hoc network issues. Determine what topology and other information is available on the black and red networks in support of key SOSCOE functionality such as discovery and data dissemination. Determine how SOSCOE will provide effective multicast in this ad-hoc network. Evaluate approaches for discovering the network if ICMP is not available, including topology, performance characteristics, failure detection, etc. Determine if a lack of topological information about the network impact other parts of the BMS. Assess impact of loss of data between hops compounds itself as hops increases.

This is a unique group of 5 engineers that will lead the business objectives of becoming the foremost vendor for DoD next generation C4 networks. You will lead the end-to-end RAN systems modeling and analysis, network communications software and computing concepts, and drive system operations development, network modeling, analysis and design, and NMS. Evaluate network communication systems performance and security impacts and integrate into military systems design and development. Provide technical proposal development in leading small to mid-sized teams, to include teams with customer and subcontractor team members.

Experience working in a multi-contractor team environment, having coordinated activities within the Architecture, Software, Test & Evaluation and Systems Engineering groups is essential. Candidate will be an active participant in customer briefings, internal team and management meetings/briefings.

Must have Subject Matter Expertise in knowing who the DoD customers are and of consistent customer interaction in making high-level presentations and developing solutions that identify leading edge and breakaway technologies, implementing IP networks for large systems, knowledge of VPN, router and switch configurations, NMS, VoIP protocols, IPv6, QoS of wireless SDRs or cellular RAN systems, Net Ready KPP, tools including DOORS and ReqPro, and tactical communications experience (WIN-T, JTRS, EPRS, SATCOM), military network security (inline encryption), know the impact of waveforms on the IP stack performance, bridging technologies, NMS monitoring and storage, and network impacts on server virtualization experience. In addition, must have prior experience working with subcontractor technical management.

The ideal candidate will have a proven track record as a CTO, VP of Systems Engineering, or Chief Engineer in military C4, SDR and MANET systems engineering in defining the architecture and business models in software architecture, requirements analysis, OPNET simulation and modeling techniques, integration, test, and transition into production/operations.

Must be an expert in grid computing, virtualization, SOA, Component Business Modeling, SOMA, On Demand Business Process Transformation, Unified Modeling Language, Infrastructure Optimization, systems engineering performance and trade-off analysis, systems integration and testing, OOP for simulating commercial and military C3/C4, plus Information Systems and their Software Applications. Expertise also required in Net-Centric architecture, On Demand Business Process Transformation (ODBPT), Component Business Modeling (CBM), Life Cycle System of Systems Engineering, Major Complex Program Management, and IT Strategic Planning.

Finally, must have demonstrated success in developing systems and architecture that result in increasing a company’s market share and financial performance as a results-oriented leader adept at building teams, strategies with keen understanding of customers’ needs, and proven ability to resolve complex problems and improve efficiency and productivity.

Requires a PhD EE or CE preferred, will consider MSEE or MSCE with MBA plus MUST have 15+ years experience in end-to-end radio access networks (RAN) and defense systems C2 or C4 systems and systems software design. Must have solid experience in direct interaction with DoD customers in defining and devloping solutions that acquire new business as well as leading small engineering teams in Product Management, Systems Software Development, and Systems Engineering.

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