Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wireless Recovery - Marketing Yourself

Source: ( by Harry Daniel Richards)

I was laid off from my job in March of 2008. It was the most painful separation I have ever experienced and since I came to LA 5 years ago to work for this company, I am feeling very disconnected. I was responsible for the companies wireless technology and have been in wireless since 1985.

This the longest time I have ever been unemployed since I graduated from college in 1977. In this time, (spent wandering around through my network looking for a job) I have learned a couple of things.

1. I will never be able to retire as long as I am married to my wife of 30 years - I am driving her nuts
2. I will never be able to retire regardless of who I am married to - I am driving myself nuts
3. I need to simplify my life - its amazing how much money I have spent on stuff I don't need
4. My kids are all out of high school and need to move out
5. Watching other people go to work is depressing when you have no where to go
6. Listening to other people complain about their jobs is infurating when you don't have a job
7. Your resume is never good enough for those people who review them and want you to pay for improvements
8. A lot of the jobs posted on job boards aren't real and are really scams for people who want you to pay them
9. My professional network isn't as good as I thought it was
10. I spent the first part of my career being underqualified - now it seems I am over qualified. When was I qualified?
11. My wife needs to go to work
12. I don't market myself very well

Number 12 is the most painful piece, since I have been responsible for wireless sales and marketing a couple of times in my career. However, all the jobs I have had in the last 15 years have been a result of knowing people so I didn't have to send out resumes and interview - just show up and go to work.

So now the journey begins to learn how to market myself better and here's what I have done so far.

Hooked up with a professional coach - I didn't know they were out there, but I need someone to get me on track, help me plan and hold me accountable. I miss the structure of a job

Went to a local university and met with the Dean of Business (and facility) I am offering to lecture on wireless technology and business in general

Get business cards that identify me as a "Technology Consultant" and start attending some events

Wrote a white paper on mobile marketing to send to ad companies to generate some interest

None of it has generated anything yet, but I have just started to focus on the self marketing aspect so it will probably take some time. I don't really want to start my own business again so what I am really looking for is a job. Nothing fancy, don't need to rule the world or be a CTO, but need something to do for the next 15 years or so.

What I am going to try and do is use this blog to track my efforts. Anyone that wants to jump in is welcome.

Anyone that wants to give me a job is more than welcome!


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