Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tired of Maintaining Code? Want to Develop Cutting Edge Technology?

Are you looking for a challenge that will stretch you and push you to the next level?

My client is looking for talented and passionate software programmers to help define and develop innovative mobile solutions. We don't want just anyone. We want the cream of the crop! We want people that think outside the box and know how to solve problems with programming!! Check out the job description below and send your resume to Sandy at the following address:

Key Responsibilities:

The Senior Software Engineer will rapidly define, design, implement, benchmark, and test innovative next-generation Windows Mobile applications.


· Smart, analytical, and creative problem solver

· Great verbal and written communication skills

· Professional experience with one or more programming languages (C++, C#, Java, C or equivalent acceptable)

· BSCS, BSEE, or equivalent

· 5+ years in software development

· 2+ years of expertise in at least one of the following technical areas:

o Rich user interface expertise. Experience developing rich user interfaces with a technical understanding of the underlying engine. 3D engine expertise preferred (Silverlight, Shockwave, OpenGL ES, Unreal, or equivalent) but 2D desirable as well (Flash, SVG, or equivalent). Strong understanding of aesthetics and usability desirable as well

o OSI layer 1 and 2 Configuration. Experience implementing Bluetooth or 802.11 profiles

o OSI layer 4-7 expertise. Strong knowledge of, and experience using, protocols such as RTP, RTCP, TCP,UDP, IP, SIP, MMS, HTTP, WAP, or equivalent

o Telephony expertise. Experience implementing RIL, TAPI, or equivalent

o Multimedia expertise. Experience implementing multimedia transport and/or encoding/decoding systems

o Mobile device application expertise. Experience developing applications (messaging clients, browsers, PIM, games, or equivalent) on mobile devices. Windows Mobile expertise preferred, but other environments are desirable as well (Symbian, Palm, Linux, Nucleus, or equivalent)

o System Software. Experience in developing BSP, HAL, Device drivers. Expertise in Windows Mobile OS (Preferred if other RTOS experience also), low-level programming and board bring-up. Expertise in target debugging, managing test & build environment.

Other Desirable Traits:

· Expertise with setting up and maintaining design tools (configuration management, source control, build management, automation and unit test tool harness, IDE, issue tracking system, collaboration system, etc.)

· Strong understanding of (and experience working with) design environments/techniques such as Test-Driven Development, Agile Development, Xtreme Programming, Object Oriented Design…

· Database expertise with SQL Server Mobile or equivalent

· Strong interest in technology

· MS or PHD in computer science, computer engineering, or equivalent

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