Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Wireless companies ramp up for ‘white spaces’ battle

By Kevin Bogardus
Posted: 04/09/08 06:02 PM [ET]

Major wireless providers have joined the fight against an effort by high-tech companies to convince policy makers to allow unlicensed electronic devices to operate on unused parts of the television spectrum.

Sprint Nextel , T-Mobile and CTIA-The Wireless Association are pressing the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to require that electronic devices get a license to operate on so-called “white spaces.”

That way, the FCC would be better able to police the spectrum and ensure the devices do not interfere with television signals, they argue in filings with the FCC. But the push could hinder high-tech companies that are developing devices to operate on white spaces as a new pipeline for broadband Internet access.

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