Sunday, January 27, 2008

Why I Won't Stop Blogging

The following is a real conversation I had last week with Jason Davis.

It is not a reenactment by paid actors:

JD: How many hires have you made at WorldLink that are directly related to

Me: I joined WorldLink in November, and have made two hires from resumes that came to me directly from

JD: Are you kidding?

Me: No.

JD: Geez, that's excellent! You need to blog about that!

Me: Yeah, I know...I've been so busy I haven't been able to dedicate much time to the blog.

JD: Wow. Do you get resumes every day from the site?

Me: Oh yeah. In fact, so many, that lately it's been difficult to connect with all of them as quickly as usual. But I'm not complaining. My primary goal, when I started blogging, was to use the blog as a tool to connect with the people that are important to me - people that are interested in the wireless industry (whether involved in active job search or not).

JD: So, it's working, eh?

Me: Absolutely. Hey, I'm not pretending it's been an overnight success. But this blog has allowed me to connect (literally) with thousands of people that I would not have connected with otherwise.

And when you're in the business of recruiting, connecting with people matters.

That's why I won't stop blogging
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