Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Top 5 Mobile - Wireless Stories of 2008

ComputerWorld's David Haskin gives some thought to the top wireless stories of 2008, and I think these 5 points are worth pondering:

1. Will Sprint's WiMAX effort succeed?

Sprint says its Xohm WiMAX will be cheaper and faster than 3G. Others believe it's not enough to drive people to Sprint. Telecom consultant, Derek Kerton, says, "It's the do or die year for WiMAX."

I agree. But my fingers are still crossed on their behalf. If they succeed, it's going to be great for competition within the industry.
2. Will Sprint remain independent?

It all depends on Hesse's ability to do two things:

- stop the bleeding (churn)...and,

- make WiMAX succeed.
3. Industry consolidation

As noted in the article, Sprint's challenges make it the likely takeover target. But 2008 will bring a lot of consolidation in the wireless industry. Which is cool, as we'll have lots to write about.

4. Openness comes to mobility

It's all about openness: open platforms for mobile devices & the ability of users to acquire content from any source.

The real issue - "Carrier Control." The wheels won't come off in 2008, but the lug nuts will hit the ground.

5. Can the iPhone be beaten?

Haskin believes 2008 still belongs to the iPhone. It's hard to argue. However, thanks to Apple, all smart phones will be better. In fact, they are already better.

2008 can't get here quick enough for me.

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