Monday, November 12, 2007

Paying it Forward (an example from Gerry Crispin)

Last Friday marked my first complete week in my new role at WorldLink, Inc. Having taken the leap from Corporate Recruiting, back to where I got my start (third-party recruiting), it was fun to be back in the mix of things again. It was such a busy week, I was wiped out (mentally), after taking in so much during those first five days. But it was a good "wiped out."

The best part of the week came when, on my 2nd day in the office somebody says, "Hey, Dennis, the phone is for you!" I didn't expect anybody could find me (or need me) that quickly, but I was presently surprised when I hear a voice on the other end say,

"Hi Dennis, it's Gerry Crispin, how you doin?"

Now, I know Gerry has better things to do. But, fortunately for me, Gerry is one of those folks that understands the benefit of "paying it forward," and he finds genuine satisfaction mentoring knuckle-heads like me.

It meant a lot to get Gerry's call. He encouraged me in my new pursuits, and gave me some practical advice on how to move forward, and how to begin bridging the gap between where I've spent the last 11 years of my recruiting life, and where I am now.

Thanks Gerry. You are a class act. And the recruiting community is made stronger because of people like you.


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