Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hipcricket's Hip to Your Wireless Jive

So, what's a HipCricket (very cool name) and why are they growing (adding jobs)?

I found Tricia Duryee's Seattle Times article about HipCricket this morning, and since I'm a wireless geek, and, since I do my share to burden the world with text messages each day, I thought I'd share.

What does HipCricket do? According to Tricia,

"They help radio and TV stations make their one-way media become interactive by allowing listeners and readers to send text messages to the station in response to advertising. At the same time, the system is used to increase the effectiveness of the ads. In doing so, the stations' can charge more."
If you don't think this business model is on its way to being "big biz", then you probably don't know the difference between a text message and an IM.

In a report published Tuesday by Seattle-based M:Metrics, 94.9 million mobile subscribers said they sent a text message in the three months ended September, or about 44 percent of U.S. cellphone users.

Hey, my daughter alone sent 1400 text messages last month. Between the two of us we probably thumbed-out almost 2000 of those bad-boys. And, no, it's not just because we're freaks. Ok, maybe we are, but at least we're in good company with 94 million other texters.

If you're Jobless in Seattle, or, maybe you're just another wireless geek interested in working for a hip company...check out HipCricket.

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