Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Google Wireless

It seems that Google has been the topic of conversation here more than any other company in recent days. And today is no exception, as Google announced on Monday that it was leading a broad industry effort to develop new software technologies aimed at turning cellphones into powerful mobile computers.

While not all industry analysts and wireless carriers (Verizon and AT&T) are convinced, I just can't imagine how anything that provides competition for Verizon and AT&T can be a bad thing (at least from the consumer perspective).

And although Google's not planning a Google Phone any time in the near future, it's main emphasis seems to be in partnering with others to develop and market the phones. The list of companies that have jumped on the Google bandwagon isn't shabby: handset makers Motorola and Samsung; carriers T-Mobile, Sprint and China Mobile, and semiconductor companies Qualcomm and Intel.

Seems to me that there will be more wireless jobs to go around some time soon.

Read the entire NYTimes article HERE.

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