Thursday, November 01, 2007

Dallas Recruiting Roadshow: Arbita Forks Over the Food

Ami reminds us on yesterday's Recruiting Roadshow post, that Don Ramer, Arbita's road warrior, has once again committed to feeding all Recruiting Roadshow attendees.

Based on what I've heard about the Atlanta Roadshow, that's good news.

Thanks Don!

Latest Update for the Dallas Recruiting Roadshow:

When: December 4th (8:30am start - 2:00pm'ish)
Where: University of Dallas - 7460 Warren Parkway, 1st Floor Frisco, Texas 75034
Cost: FREE to the first 150 Attendees (well, it's free, period - but it sounds impressive, eh?)

Who should attend?

Recruiters interested in building community with their peers and colleagues in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

The goal of each individual Recruiting Roadshow is to cause members of the local Recruiting world who may not have easy access to the industry’s network infrastructure to have access to each other. In other words, the networking that happens at every Recruiting Roadshow is more important than any content that is distributed.

And, don't forget to register by clicking HERE.

I'm proud to say that T-Mobile has agreed to be one of the Roadshow sponsors (thanks Ava!), as well as Steve Rothberg's and WorldLink, Inc, based in Frisco, TX.

I look forward to meeting you at the Roadshow!


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