Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What Makes You Irresistible?

This is why I love Starbucks.

They've got me hooked to the point where I'm good for at least 2-3 trips a week for my coffee fix. That's established. They know I'm coming back.

Then, on one of my early morning runs last week, they give me a coupon to come back and get a free beverage with the purchase of another. So, basically, one of my five kids is going to get a free cuppa Starbucks next week - because I'm going back either way!

Okay, now I've got to find a way to segue this in to job search, eh?

So, I've got a question for you, job-seeker ... what are you doing that makes people want to ask you back for round 2? What are you doing, saying, that makes them unable to get enough of YOU? Why are they unable to get YOU out of their mind?

My Starbucks obsession is explainable. It has something to do with the PEOPLE, the PRODUCT, the ATMOSPHERE.

What about YOU?

It's worth thinking about.


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