Friday, October 26, 2007

Marcus Ray, Regional Account Director @ Staff Care

Every now and then I have to veer from the world of wireless, and today is one of those times.

My great friend, Marcus Ray, is a Regional Account Director for a locum tenens staffing company in Irving, TX called Staff Care.

Marcus and I have a few things in common: we both like to fish; we both have big families (he a bevy of boys and I a gaggle of girls); and although we work in different industries, we both have a passion for recruiting.

So when I received an email today (not from Marcus, he's too modest - thanks G!) informing me that Marcus had been quoted in an article that gets published in front of thousands of his customers, I had to give him a high-five from my blog.....

Way to go, Marcus!!!

Click HERE to see the article where he's quoted (just under the heading titled, "A Special Experience").

Staff Care is very lucky to have a guy like Marcus on their staff. I can promise you this...there's nobody in North Texas that can out-work this guy (I know they know that, but I just thought I'd remind them that there's a few people out there who'd love to hire him away).

Keep up the good work, Marcus!

And, hey, let's go fishing again some time.

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Anonymous said...

thats great that he got quoted in an article, its important for public relations, no matter what position or career you have. Good job marcus!