Friday, September 07, 2007

Nasdaq Sinks - US Employment Falls - Tech Stocks Swoon

WSJ's Andrew Lavallee and Emily Flitter report this morning that the Nasdaq fell more than 1% today. In part, because the weak employment report is causing flutters in the broader market.

Side note on the "weak employment report." WSJ's Brian Blackstone reports today that U.S. employment fell for the first time in four years last month.

Here's how a few of the Nasdaq tech related stocks responded:

Google fell $5.88 to $517.38
Microsoft declined 19 cents to $28.72
Apple lost $4.04, or 3%, to $130.98
Intel shed 57 cents to $25.58
And what about our good buddies at Leap and MetroPCS?

Leap Wireless International lowered $1.39 to $82.31

MetroPCS shed 21 cents to $27.88 on the NYSE.

Here's the WSJ Podcast reviewing today's tech briefing: WSJ Podcast

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