Saturday, September 08, 2007

MOSH Mobile (free mobile for all)

Free mobile is here...we knew it was coming.

MOSH mobile let's users make unlimited free calls, send and receive unlimited text messages, surf the web, etc.

MOSH is currently invite only, so you need to know someone who is already using the service and they need to invite you to join.

So, just how do they make it FREE? Click HERE and they'll give you the 411, but suffice it to say that they are a "sponsor-driven" service. Meaning, they'll send you advertisements via text message with trivia questions or tasks that you have to complete.

Decide not to do them three times in one month and you are out. They will give you the courtesy phone call ("Uh, yeah, I wanna call my attorney!") and give you one more shot. Snub your nose again and you are toast.

No doubt, text messages and advertisements won't keep people away. There just might be enough parents ready to give up the monthly payment for their teens' phones, that they are willing to overlook the skull 'n crossbones on the front page of the MOSH site.

If anybody out there is currently using MOSH mobile, I'd like to hear from you - send an email and tell me what'cha think.

I promise not to make you take a survey.

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