Friday, August 03, 2007

Whether it's Frisco or Cluj-Napoca, it's still Starbucks 'n Wi-Fi

I posted this morning from my local Starbucks and paid tribute to my buddy Dan Berte in Romania.

Not many people know more about the world of wireless and caffeine than Dan, so it was only fitting to tip my Venti cup his direction.

Then, I'll be darned if he didn't take an almost exact picture of his laptop and Starbucks cup, from his favorite sippin' hole in Romania, and shoot it back my way!

Dan, it almost feels like I'm right there with you talkin' about the pros and cons of free wireless!

By the way, Dan reminded me that it would only take 8 years to walk from Frisco, TX to Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Wow. Wonder how much coffee I'd consume on the way?

Thanks Dan - for making me laugh!

Happy Wi-Fi Friday -

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