Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Finding Folks on Twitter, and other things I'm diggin

Love the new "Find Folks!" search tool on the nav bar.

I did a search on "wireless" and "recruiting" and "mobi" and now I'm following a whole mess of you Twitterers.

I'm still not using Twitter as much as some of my fanatic friends (holy cow, Dan!!! 780 updates?!), but I am diggin' it.

Here's a few other things I'm diggin' today...

....Hotspot @ Starbucks (Matthew turned me on to some Serena Organic Blend via the French my son would say, "Whoa dude, I'm buzzin!"

...being home (Kansas was great, but there's no place like home)

...reading FastCompany.

...reading the blogs @ (if you are a recruiter and you are not yet in this community....what are you waiting for!).

Join, and then "add me" to your friends list. Why? Because the recruiting community is getting smaller every day. And the long term benefits of being plugged in to this community are impossible to calculate.

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