Friday, July 20, 2007

Life Interrupted

Good times. Family. Beach. Sun. S'mores. Strong coffee. No email. For this I was made.

One week away with my family was too short. But as our plane landed in DFW last night, I I was thankful that Kath and I (mostly Kath) managed to pull off the best vacation our family has ever experienced.

Please note: it had nothing to do with the amount of money spent. Rather, it had everything to do with the amount of time invested in our family.

That's right - no email. No work. No blog. Just family.

In fact, I couldn't even cheat because my BlackBerry developed server issues the day before our vacation. Yep, a whole week without even one email crying out for my attention.

The result? I connected with my family in a way that was long overdue. And we are all the better for it.

So, here's my challenge to you. On your next vacation, I dare you to leave your laptop at home. And, I double-dog dare ya to turn off your BlackBerry.


Because time with your spouse (if you are married) is worth the investment of your life. Time with your children is worth the investment of your life.

I can promise you this...the hours we spent freezing our bums and wrestling boogie boards in the Pacific Ocean, was a greater investment than any deposit ever made to my 401(k).

You cannot put a price tag on time spent with those who mean more to you than anybody or anything else in the world.

Hang ten,


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