Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Top 3 Reasons Gen Y Will Avoid Corporate Giants

Ryan Healy's a voice being heard among the twenty-somethings and his blog is called Employee Evolution.

I've only read one post and I like this guy already.

I found him at Brazen Careerist and thought his post appropriate for jobseekers. Especially those in their 20's who share Ryan's disdain for the corporate behemoth.

As noted in the Careerist, here's Ryan's top three reasons for desiring to go solo, or the way of the smaller corporate player:

  1. Following the crowd is boring

  2. Bureaucracy is a waste of time

  3. I can be a CEO and an intern at the same time

Can anybody argue?

Maybe we behemoth's should take heed. Why? Because we need more smart thinkers like Ryan reminding us to:

  1. Take risks - accepting ambiguity and uncertainty

  2. Squash bureaucracy ("slow" kills companies)

  3. Hand over the reins (our Gen Y's will do less "finger-pointing" and more fixing)

Read Ryan's complete post HERE.

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