Friday, June 01, 2007

Recruitment by Attraction (The Art of Approachability)

Recruiting with a blog takes courage.

That's the first line in John Sumser's May 29th post titled, Humanizing.

When I added a blog to my recruiting arsenal toolkit back in 2004, I didn't necessarily think it took a great amount of courage. In fact, I felt like I was jumping on the blogging bandwagon a bit late, assuming I would just be one of thousands of recruiting-blogs welcomed to the blogosphere that year.

Funny. Maybe the courage has been more in my decision to continue blogging, in spite of the fact that many recruiters echoed the sentiments of the bandit in the 1948 classic, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre:

"BadgesBlogs? We ain't got no badgesblogs. We don't need no badges blogs. I don't have to show you any stinking badges blogs!"

John's article refers to Kristi Young, a colleague and former T-Mobile team member. Knowing Kristi well, I applaud the fact that she's sticking with her story and using her blog to reach the job-seeker. As John notes, Kristi uses her blog...

" a way to humanize and expedite her intense communications processes."
John finishes by adding,

There's a mercenary reason for using public disclosure as a tool. It's simple.
The technique attracts candidates by making the Recruiter (and therefore the
company) more approachable.
Preach it Sumser. That's the heartbeat of why-I-blog.

And while doesn't provide the honey to generate Monster-kinda-traffic, it's solely responsible for connecting me (if even in a small way) to approximately thousands (yes, thousands) of people - most of whom I would have never met otherwise.

Recruitment by attraction? Absolutely.

Gitomer says,

All things being equal, people want to do business with their

All things being not so equal, people STILL want to do business with their friends.

So, let me ask you this...would you rather develop a relationship with an authentic recruiter who understands the importance of "approachability," or one who has charismatically mastered the art of schmoozing?

That's what I thought.

Me too.

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