Tuesday, May 08, 2007

At the gym ... working off the humble pie

I recently renewed my commitment to the "gym."

We have a terrific "Rec Center" in our city (actually, multiple Rec Centers), complete with all the latest exercise equipment, basketball courts, pool, etc...

For less than $70/year, you can exercise to your heart's content. And, it helps that I only live one block from the Center.

So, I'm at the Rec Center last night with my workout buddy and there's a nice lady in the room and she's just flat talkin' our legs off. After a few minutes of explaining to me how she can hardly stand to put much weight on the exercise machines, she looks at me and says,

"So, are you the Father/Son team that comes in here all the time?"


I look at my buddy and laugh. Seeing how I'm the one with the gray hair and presumably the "Father," I suppose I shouldn't be laughing so hard. It's just that, I'm 43 and my workout buddy is 38.

Wow. I guess I should be flattered that she thinks I'm in here all the time. But the flattery is tempered by the fact that I presumably have a 38 year old son.

Guess I need to spend a few more hours in the gym workin' off this humble pie, eh?

Thanks lady. It's nice to be not-so-subtly reminded of my humanity.

See you in the gym.

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