Thursday, May 10, 2007

7 Tips to Write an Effective Blog

Yesterday's "Blogger Panel" was a blast - a lot of great questions from the conference attendees, and I had the pleasure of meeting many of them afterwards (including one of the funniest people I've met in my life....nice to meet you Melissa from Talent Tree!).

Big thank you to Steve Levy and Dave Mendoza for inviting me to participate in the panel. And a big thank you to Gretchen and Shally for letting me share the stage with them.

I'd like to share a resource with those of you interested in starting a blog.

I've been following Debbie Weil for quite a while - Debbie is the author of BlogWriteforCEOs, and a corporate and CEO blogging consultant and author of The Corporate Blogging Book.

Debbie is offering a link to her updated "Top 7 Tips to Write an Effective Business Blog."

If you are serious about taking the dive, these 15 pages get you kick-started and on your way - you'll be glad you took the time to learn from an expert.

Gotta run - I'm late for the conference!

Looking forward to hearing Carol Mahoney and Diana Johnson Hightower this morning.

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