Tuesday, April 03, 2007

20 Most Interesting Wireless Startups

Paul D. Kretkowski (DailyWireless) brings us a nice post today:

20 Most Interesting Wireless Startups
I'll list the 20 Wireless Startups here, and you can check out DailyWireless for the specifics on each HERE.

1) Admob

2) Blyk
The first free mobile virtual network operator (MVNO).

3) FON
A HotSpot in every pot.

4) Futuretxt

5) I'minlikewithyou
Interesting concept, just won't apply to me.

6) Jajah
I'm liking this one - make VoIP calls from your PC or landline w/o downloads or plug-ins - even w/o having broadband.

7) Jaiku Mobile

8) Jott
Dictation turned in to email?

9) Medio
Mobile search

10) Mozes
Send and receive mobile messages to and from your fave bands, social groups, friends.

11) MyGADS

12) myMobileMedia
Giving mobile subscribers access to their PC (music, pictures, video).

13) Obopay
This just might be my fave of the 20...will allow me to make $$ transfers alarmingly ez (backed/secured by MasterCard).

4 words: Money on your phone.

14) Radar
Instant picture conversations with your favorite people and no one else.

15) Streamverse

16) Teleflip
Email on your cell phone ... for free.

17) Twitter
If you don't know what Twitter is yet, I can't explain it to you. Well, yes I can. Twitter answers the question, "What are you doing?"

Assuming somebody cares.

18) Thrrum

19) VoiceThread
Create a voicethread and collect the stories behind your pictures.

20) ZenZui
Stop surfing. Start Zooming.

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