Monday, March 12, 2007

Wi-Fi TV to Launch

Wi-Fi TV Enters $72 Billion U.S. Wedding Business With Launch of (which lets newlyweds post their wedding videos and photos for free).

Weddings are a $72 billion a year business in the U.S., and Wi-Fi TV Inc. announced today that it will be a leader in the American marketplace for bringing weddings online, with the intro of, as part of its Social Internet TV™ platform.
"Social Internet TV is all about people getting together, so this is a natural for Wi-Fi TV and the next phase of what will happen with a modern marriage,"
stated Lisa Pahl, Director, Wi-Fi TV Inc.

This was bound to happen. But I've still found that the only wedding pic's I'm interested in viewing more than once are my own.

Am I alone?

Or, maybe I'm just being "a man."


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