Saturday, March 03, 2007

Telecommunications Predictions 2007 (Deloitte)

Deloitte's recent study examines 10 emerging developments sure to make 2007 another eventful year for the telecommunications industry:

Reaching the limits of cyberspace—growth in video traffic on the "superhighway" means the Internet is approaching gridlock. (Haven't we heard this one before? Is Deloitte saying that we are approaching gridlock in 2007 or that we'll reach gridlock?).

The net neutrality debate needs resolution—the Internet, fundamental freedom for all or a tiered, toll-based enterprise? (Agree - this one's not going away).

The broadband appliance unlocks the Internet for everyone—
sidestepping the PC via new, small devices will promote future growth in Internet penetration.

Long live mobile video (just forget the television)—
moving video content from the phone and onto bigger screens is far more likely to reap profits than trying to squeeze television onto mobile phones (I'm guessing Verizon's not backing this prediction).

It’s mobile, but not as we knew it—
network operators need to shake things up as mobile moves indoors.

The case for innovation, not imitation, in IPTV—
IPTV needs to develop an original offer of television, not be a pale imitation of what currently exists.

The kilobyte is the killer application—bigger is not always better, as kilobyte-sized applications show.

The double-edged sword of triple play—
failure to deliver a consistent quality of service across all their bundled offerings could cost operators dearly.

The connectivity chasms deepen—
in the expanding digital divide, if you do not have voice, you may not have a voice.

The rising cost of free telecommunications—
the "free lunch" in telecommunications may cause indigestion for some.

The report includes recommendations from the Technology, Media & Telecommunications industry group on how to take advantage of these emerging trends.

Read the full report in the PDF file attachment HERE.

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